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Sebastian Michaelis, on the quest of the Werewolf.


Ciel Phantomhive - Black Butler

Coloring by me. Transparent cap from Hochikisu aka Chocolatea -Earl




Ciel: Shut up- it’s payback. I know you like it so don’t complain.

Sebastian: Yes but Young Master surely this is going a bit too far… (ouch)

I stopped fighting my inner demons. We’re on the same side now.

Man I want another tattoo so badly…and a nipple or lip piercing *^*

My ooth eels obbly // Adorable scans by XOXO
The Bocchan and Butler views on Love

Ciel: Sebastian, do you believe love exists?
Sebastian: *pauses for a moment to look at his master utter curiously then he responds* Love is the reason why you are contracted to me, my Lord. Love and Revenge. Patience and Emptiness. Virtue cannot be without sin. Love exists for this very reason, to draw blood from those infected by it.
Ciel: *a dark chuckle slips from his lips* As humans, we blindly build our entire existence on the elementary explanation of love. But what is it really? A fake projection of heaven or the prelude of hell, for that I do not know. Love exists only to cave in on itself, its is neither stable nor consistent. It is there to bring us hope in the darkness and to send us cowarding away from the light. Love is merciful. Love is damning. Love is not real Sebastian, at least it isn't for me.
Sebastian: My Lord--
Ciel: What I know is only what was done to me. My family was the only love I'd ever seen in this world and now they are gone. Yet for what reason? Was because I loved them or because they loved me? In the end we all atone in death. Love doesn't keep us from the enviable, it blinds us from it until it is too late. Then it leaves us broken and beaten and bandaged because we loved. Love is a contagious disease that brings us all to our knees and whips us until we bleed. Love keeps us wake and love cries us to sleep. I do not wish to be in the wavering hands of love. Happiness is only for moment while pain lasts forever. Do you still believe I have a soul now, Sebastian?
Sebastian: I do. I believe you have a remarkable soul, Master. Only a soul that has seen that much wrong could ever inspire to do right. Love broke you, temped you, marked you, slain you--and yet, love has pieced you back together again. Yes, *He said to himself* such a beautiful soul indeed.
*His butler offered a smile* Look what you've done, my Lord. You have me displaying weakness as well.
Ciel: Weakness? You're a demon. I highly doubt you have the ability to feel affection or pain let alone love.
Sebastian: Is that what you truly think?
Ciel: Of course. What else is there to think?
Sebastian: *a pained expression falls on the butler's face* I'm afraid giving subtle hints is all I am capable of until I am ordered to do otherwise, my Lord.
Ciel: What the hell is that's supposed to--
Sebastian: Oh dear, would you look at that time. *He says, snapping close his pocket watch* You must excuse me, Master. I have to prepare your evening tea.
Ciel: But Sebastian!
Sebastian: I will only be gone shortly, my Lord. Try not to entertain yourself with the idea that butler's cannot feel. I must admit it is a bit insulting.
*His butler gently closes the door, leaving Ciel Phantomhive even more confused and heartbroken than before*





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I know, that death is the only god who comes when you call.
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Just Deserts


Title: Just Deserts
Rating: M/MA Rated
Pairing: Sebaciel
Warnings: SMUT, unedited, 5k+ words

Everything was hot and uncomfortable. Ciel turned on his side only to roll over and stare up at the canopy of his large king sized bed for the umpteenth time that night. He kicked off his blanket because his body was feeling far too warm to his liking and he tugged at the collar of his night shirt that was no where near constricting. The quiet ticking of the clock on the bedside table told Ciel that he had been tossing and turning for over two hours since Sebastian had put him to bed and turned out the lights.

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