Noah’s Ark Circus principal attractions.

me too Meirin, me too


♛ Elizabeth Midford. ♛

Edit by me | Original by Yana Toboso. 

1/9scale Sebastian Michaelis by Aniplex+

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dancin at the club like



sketches from watching book of circus uwu

A creative mind is never sane.
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LMAO I JUST FINISHED THE BEE MOVIE……that bee is ruining my life!!!!!!
-just let it go…let it all gooo
gosh, and no?….hm…13sins sounds good
*can’t get her mind off the 40drafts threads waiting*

dilselim replied to your post: I actually spent the whole night readi…

I read it in one night too :D The second half was so intense, I had to take a break and to have fresh air. It’s sooo good though :D

That’s the way to go!It got really intense when Kaneki got changed while held captive, the shit got really down man.It is a good manga :)

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the-dark-crow replied to your post: I actually spent the whole night readi…

//-snuggles you, gives coffee-

*kisses cheek and takes coffee* Thank you love♥ ^^

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Another Before and After digitization.

Credits go to Yana Toboso for the sketch

and the digtization goes to the Devil’s Machine, Mecha Michaelis

I actually spent the whole night reading Tokyo Ghoul ….So I got all the chapters down…in one night-day?
It was awesome spending the night reading about eating humans and seeing their flesh torn apart….well hello >_>